iMPAQT-quant is a tool for analysis of MRM chromatogram.

System requirement

Software Comment Public edition Viewer edition
Java Runtime Environment (JRE) ver.6.0 or later Require for reading iMPAQT-quant analysis files(.imqt) and view chromatgram.
Require for importing rawfiles. (Windows platform only)
Select a windows installer(able to convert vender files).
Supported data formats the following:
  • Sciex(.wiff)
  • Shimazu(.lcd)

ver (Release date: 2016.12.25)

Type File size Download Hash value(MD5)
Public edition (windows only) 5,224,126 bytes iMPAQTquant.exe 87 47 98 a2 0b a7 9a 9b 0c 27 fd 6b 24 6f 95 51
Viewer edition 5,001,403 bytes iMPAQTquant.jar bc 02 cc a3 bf b2 5e 2b 48 db 08 5c a2 95 be f8

If you would like to download iMPAQT-quant, you need ID and password.
Please contact us by e-mail.

Sample files

Sample files File size Download Hash value(MD5)
TutorialData_01 1,554,212 bytes 65 bf 97 ca ab d6 61 5e 74 21 d2 db d2 dc 48 44